Geographical Norway Finion Men's Hooded Sweatshirt with Zipper Black

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Size: XXL
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Color: Black

Discover the "Finion" sweatshirt for men from Geographical Norway, a comfortable and modern garment. Featuring a hood, hood drawstrings and front zipper, with prints on the front, shareholders and hood, this sweatshirt offers casual, on-trend style.

Technical specifications

Drawstring hood: modern styling and custom fit.
Front zipper: Convenient for dressing and styling.
Printing on front, shareholders and hood: Aesthetic detail offering a touch of originality.

Maintenance tips

To care for your Finion sweater from Geographical Norway, we recommend hand-washing it according to the specific instructions on the label. When machine-washing, use a delicate, low-temperature program. Avoid high-temperature ironing and dry-cleaning. Air-dry to preserve the quality of the fabric and prints.