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Geographical Norway

Women's Softshell Jackets at Geographical Norway : Protection, Comfort and Style
Explore the collection of women's softshell jackets at Geographical Norway, combining technical performance, comfort and modern aesthetics. Our softshell jackets are designed to offer versatile protection for your outdoor activities, whether skiing, hiking or simply facing winter.

Technical versatility for all seasons
Our softshell jackets for women offer exceptional versatility. Designed for winter sports or as a warm winter jacket, they feature water- and wind-resistant materials, while offering breathability for optimum comfort.

Hooded and oversized for maximum comfort
Some of our softshell jackets feature hoods for extra protection against the elements. What's more, we offer oversized models to fit all body shapes, guaranteeing warmth and comfort for everyone.

Aesthetics and performance
Our softshell jackets perfectly combine aesthetics and technical performance. Available in a variety of colors, from classic navy to trendy khaki, these jackets combine style and functionality for an uncompromising outdoor experience.

Waterproofing and winter warmth
Our softshell jackets offer windproof, waterproof protection, while providing essential warmth on chilly days. Designed to maintain body heat, they are ideal for outdoor winter activities.