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Geographical Norway

Women's Pull-On Jackets at Geographical Norway : Practicality and Style in All Seasons
Discover the women's slip-on jacket collection at Geographical Norway, offering the perfect balance between practicality and style. Our slip-on jackets are designed to suit every need, whether you're looking for winter protection, wind protection or outdoor activities.

Versatility and comfort for winter and mid-season
Our women's pull-on jackets are ideal for the colder seasons. With their practical design, they can be slipped on easily to protect you from the cold while offering freedom of movement. Available in a range of colors, from trendy khaki to classic black, these jackets are a versatile option for winter sports enthusiasts or everyday wearers.

Waterproof and windproof protection
Thanks to their waterproof and windproof properties, our pull-on jackets protect you from seasonal inclemency. Whether you're going for a spring walk or a ski session, these jackets will keep you dry and protected from the wind.

Variety of sizes and models
Our pull-on jackets are available in a wide range of sizes, from standard to large, to suit all body shapes. What's more, our collection offers a range of models, from lightweight jackets to mid-length jackets, to suit your style and fit preferences.

Hood and practical details
Some of our pull-on jackets feature hoods for extra protection against the elements. Finishing details have been designed to add practicality and function to these garments, while maintaining a modern, stylish aesthetic.