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Geographical Norway

Women's Mid-Season Jackets at Geographical Norway : Elegance and Versatility
Explore our collection of women's mid-season jackets at Geographical Norway, offering on-trend designs and versatility for any occasion. Our mid-season jackets offer lightness, style and protection to complete your wardrobe.

Versatility and lightness for mid-season
Our mid-season jackets are ideal for everyday wear. With their lightweight design, they're the perfect accompaniment to your mid-season outfit, whether for a day out on the town or an outdoor getaway.

Variety of styles: jackets, lightweight down jackets and waterproof jackets
Our collection includes a variety of styles, from jackets to lightweight down jackets, waterproof jackets to hooded models. Available in a variety of colors, from classic navy to elegant black, they're sure to suit every style.

Short and long mid-season jackets
Our mid-season jackets come in short or long versions to suit your preferences. Whether you're looking for a short, trendy mid-season jacket or a long version for maximum coverage, we offer a complete range to suit your needs.

Comfort and lightweight protection
Our mid-season jackets combine comfort with lightweight protection against the elements. Some versions also feature waterproof properties to keep you dry in light showers.