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Geographical Norway

Women's parkas GEOGRAPHICAL NORWAY : Style and protection in perfect harmony
Discover timeless elegance and ultimate protection with women's parkas from Geographical Norway. Designed to combine style and functionality, our parkas are winter wardrobe staples, offering warmth, waterproofing and a modern aesthetic.

Women's winter parka: warmth and elegance at your fingertips
Our women's winter parkas are designed to take on the coldest days while ensuring you look your best. Featuring advanced thermal insulation, they're your perfect ally for staying warm without compromising on style, even in freezing weather.

Women's waterproof parka: uncompromising style, even in the rain
Choose the Geo Norway women's waterproof parka to stay dry in style. Our waterproof parkas with hood protect you from the elements while adding a modern touch to your outfit, ideal for braving rainy days in style.

Women's Warm Parka: Soft and Comfortable
The women's warm parka in our collection offers warm comfort and incomparable softness. Perfect for chilly days, it keeps you warm while enhancing your look with refined elegance.

Women's Plus Size Parka: Elegance for Every Silhouette
At Geographical Norway, elegance knows no size. Discover our plus-size women's parkas that combine style and perfect fit, enhancing every silhouette with sophistication.

Black, Khaki, Navy Parkas: Timeless Colors for Unmatched Style
Explore our range of women's parkas in timeless shades such as black, khaki, navy and more. These versatile colors suit every occasion, ensuring unrivalled style whatever the season.