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Geographical Norway

Comfort and style with our women's zip-up sweatshirts Geographical Norway
Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style with our collection of zipped sweatshirts for women. Each piece has been carefully selected to offer you a casual yet elegant fashion experience.

Women's zip-up sweatshirts: a casual look with a modern twist
Our women's zip-up sweatshirts are the essence of casual style. Choose a long model for maximum coverage or a short version for a modern silhouette. With practical zippers, these sweatshirts offer versatility to suit any occasion.

Zipped fleece sweatshirts: softness and warmth
Wrap yourself in softness with our fleece zip-up sweatshirts from Geo Norway Expedition. Choose a long version for total warmth or a short one for a casual look. Perfect for chilly evenings, these sweatshirts offer the comfort of a soft, insulating fabric.

Zip-up sweatshirts for all seasons: versatile elegance
Our Geographical Norway zip-up sweatshirts are designed for all seasons. Opt for a lightweight model for milder days or a lined version to face the winter chill. With long and short options, you can create a variety of looks that reflect your personal style.

Sporty zip-up sweatshirts: active everyday style
For active everyday style, explore our sporty zip-up sweatshirts. Choose a long version for optimal pre- or post-workout coverage, or a short version for a casual athleisure look. Zippers add a modern touch to these versatile pieces.

Express your style with our women's zip-up sweatshirts
Whether you're looking for a long zip sweatshirt for winter, a short sweatshirt for an urban look, or a fleece zip sweatshirt for maximum softness, our collection offers options for all women who want to combine style, comfort and modernity.