Geographical Norway Crown Women - Parka with zip Red

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Size: S
Color: Red

Discover Geographical Norway 's "Crown" parka for women. This women's parka features a zipper closure, a hood trimmed with detachable synthetic fur and a distinctive PVC badge on the sleeve.

Technical specifications

Parka with zipper closure: Easy fit and contemporary style.
Detachable synthetic fur-trimmed hood: Adds a touch of warmth and luxury.
PVC badge on sleeve: Distinctive detail for a modern look.

Maintenance tips

- Washing: Machine-wash your down jacket in cold or lukewarm water with similar colors and a mild detergent. Use a delicate cycle to preserve the polyester fibers.

- Drying: Avoid tumble-drying, as heat can damage polyester fibers. Instead, air-dry in a shady spot.

- Ironing: If necessary, iron at low temperature using a fine cloth to protect the down jacket from high temperatures.

- Storage: Store your down jacket in a clean, dry place. Avoid compressing it into a small space to preserve its shape and volume.