Geographical Norway Max Femme - Jogging suit with flag and light grey print

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Size: M
Sizing guide
Color: Light Grey

Opt for comfort and style with the women's "Max" jogging suit from Geographical Norway . These joggers feature a flag and print on the front, as well as a tightening tie and brand logo on the side.

Technical specifications

Jogging suit with flag and print: Expression of relaxed, authentic style.
Drawstring: Custom fit for optimum comfort.
Logo on side: Geographical Norway signature of quality and originality.

Maintenance tips

- Washing: Machine-wash your jogging suit in cold or lukewarm water with similar colors and a mild detergent. Choose a delicate cycle to preserve the cotton and polyester fibers.

- Drying: Air-dry to avoid shrinkage and fiber damage. If you use a tumble dryer, choose a low setting and remove the jogging suit as soon as it is dry to avoid overheating.

- Ironing: If necessary, iron at medium temperature. You can use steam to help iron the cotton/polyester blend.

- Storage: Store your jogging suit in a clean, dry place. Fold carefully to preserve shape.