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Geographical Norway

Women's down jackets at Geographical Norway : Warmth, Comfort and Style
Explore the range of women's down jackets at Geographical Norway, combining exceptional warmth, comfort and elegance. Our down jackets are designed to keep you warm while offering modern style and outstanding practicality.

Variety of long, short and sleeveless models
Our women's down jacket collection offers a variety of styles to suit every preference. Whether long down jackets for maximum coverage, mid-length versions or short sleeveless models for greater freedom of movement, we have a complete range to meet your needs.

Warmth and lightness for winter and ski sports
Our down jackets offer exceptional warmth without compromising lightness. Perfect for winter, they're also ideal for ski sports. Available in a wide range of colors, from classic black to trendy khaki, these down jackets keep you warm in style.

Padded and waterproof down jackets
Our down jackets are designed with quilted materials for maximum thermal insulation. Some versions also feature waterproof properties, ensuring your comfort even in wet weather.

Hooded and oversized for optimum comfort
Some down jackets feature hoods for extra protection against wind and weather. What's more, our collection includes oversized models to fit all body shapes, providing warmth and comfort for everyone.