Geographical Norway Passpartout Man - Comfortable Bermuda Shorts Beige

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Size: M
Color: Beige

Discover the "Passpartout" Bermuda shorts for men from Geographical Norway, a comfortable and practical garment. These Bermuda shorts feature functional pockets to safely store small items. Ideal for summer activities, these Bermuda shorts are made from high-quality fabric to ensure optimum comfort all day long. Featuring the distinctive Geographical Norway logo, these Bermuda shorts combine style and functionality to complete your summer wardrobe.

Technical specifications

- Comfortable Bermuda shorts: For all-day comfort.
- Practical pockets: Conveniently store your essentials.
- Versatile design: Adapts to different styles and occasions.
- Men's passpartout: Designed specifically for style-conscious men.
- Distinctive logo on pocket: Adds a touch of originality to your look.
- Adjustable waist: Allows for a perfect, personalized fit.
- Durable fabric: For added durability and strength.
- Button zipper: Provides a secure, easy-to-use closure.
- Available in several colors: Choose the one that best suits your style.
- Perfect for summer activities: Ideal for city strolls or outdoor outings.

Maintenance tips

- Hand wash with mild detergent to preserve the quality of Geographical Norway Passpartout Bermuda shorts.
- Do not use a tumble-dryer to dry, preferring to air-dry to preserve the fabric's properties.
- If necessary, iron at low temperature, taking care to protect the patterns and details of the Bermuda shorts.
- To prolong garment durability, store in a clean, dry place away from moisture.
- Avoid using harsh chemicals when caring for your Geographical Norway Passpartout Bermuda shorts.
- To remove stains, dab gently with a damp cloth and avoid excessive rubbing.
- Take care not to overload the washing machine when washing your Bermuda shorts, to avoid fabric deterioration.
- Please consult the specific washing instructions on the garment label before proceeding.