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Dare to be adventurous! An Inner Journey 🙌

Dare to be adventurous! An Inner Journey 🙌

An Adventure is so much more! 🙌⛰️



Say goodbye to the distractions of everyday life and embark on an introspective journey to the heart of nature. No materialism here, just authentic, enriching moments. We've chosen to focus on inner growth and connection with our environment. Because we want to live life to the full while nourishing our soul.


Awakening and Expanded Consciousness in the Midst of Adventure

Today, there are many ways to grow spiritually and have fun at the same time. Hiking, camping under the stars and meditating in the open air can transform our daily lives and give us a new perspective. By adopting these practices, we are taking a step towards a more conscious, fulfilling and exciting life.


A Community of Spiritual Fun-Seekers

Hydration is crucial during summer adventures. Always carry a reusable flask filled with water, and add slices of lemon or mint leaves for a refreshing drink. Water-rich fruits such as watermelons, cucumbers and oranges are also excellent for keeping you hydrated.


Hiking and Discovery

Getting lost in nature means finding yourself. Every walk, every discovery pushes us to see life from a new angle. Walks are like meditations in motion, where each step brings us closer to our essence. We always return from these escapades with a clearer and more inspired vision of our life and our goals.


The Call of Adventure

We're not just nature lovers, we're also explorers of our own minds. Together, we share a passion for travel, discovery and walking. We help each other, we encourage each other and we celebrate every moment of happiness we find along the way.


A Community of Spiritual Fun-Seekers


We're not just an organisation, we're a community of spiritual adventurers and nature lovers. Together, we show that we can find happiness and balance by cultivating our spirit while enjoying the joys of outdoor adventure.

At Geographical Norway, we are proud of our commitment to spiritual growth and respect for our planet. Join us on this fun and rewarding adventure and awaken your spirit in the heart of nature for a better world for all.

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