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5 Exercises to do before starting a mountain hike

5 Exercises to do before starting a mountain hike

🚀Ready for adventure? 5 fun warm-ups for taming the mountains 🚀

Hello, Geographical Norway adventurers! Ready to conquer the peaks this weekend? Here's your ultra-fun guide to warming up before you take on the mountains.


1. The Stretching Dance 🕺💃

Forget the monotony! Put on your favourite song and let yourself go into a stretching dance. Imagine stretching your muscles in style, concentrating on the stars of the show: your legs, arms, back and shoulders. It's time to shine and prepare your body for the big adventure!


2. Superhero squats 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Who said squats were boring? Play as your favourite superhero and get in on the action! Imagine saving the world with every squat. Let's go and strengthen those quadriceps and glutes, our faithful allies in the mountains.


3. The Emperor's March (Slits forward) 🐧

Imagine you're a penguin emperor waddling across the ice. Each step forward is another step towards your icy kingdom. Your lunges are transformed into a majestic march, strengthening your muscular empire: quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.


4. The Lion King Climb (Calf raises) 🦁

Feel the power of the King of the Savannah within you. Every rise is your roar, proving that you're ready to climb your rock. Your calf muscles, those kings of the climb, will be your best allies in reaching the summit.


5. The Plankton Challenge (The board) 🌊

Turn your board into an ocean challenge. Imagine you're a small but powerful plankton floating in the ocean. Stand firm against the waves, strengthening your trunk, your shield against storms...

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