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Adopt the Weatherproof Style! ☔

Adopt the Weatherproof Style! ☔

Adventure, yes! Weather, no! 

Imagine yourself in the middle of nature, enjoying the breathtaking view from a summit, when suddenly the sky turns cloudy and you're caught in a downpour worthy of an action film. The rain is pounding down on your head, the wind is whistling in your ears and the thunder sounds like it's going to bring about the end of the world. It's the kind of scenario that almost makes you wish you'd never left your sofa... unless you're wearing Geographical Norway!

Albert Homme : The Shield Against Rain

Imagine walking in the pouring rain, each drop seeming to say "Surprise! With the Albert Homme waterproof coat, you have the last word. Not only does it keep you dry, it also envelops you in warmth. A real fortress of comfort against torrential rain. Goodbye wet clothes, hello serenity!

Women's Abeille Parka: Universal Armour

Ladies, the weather's got nothing on you! The Abeille women's parka is your best ally against all types of weather. Light rain, apocalyptic downpour, howling wind? No problem. This parka protects you from head to toe and adapts to all temperatures. With it, you're ready for any weather adventure. Genuine all-round armour for modern heroines!

Royalty: Royal Protection

The Royauté waterproof windproof jacket is pure class. Like a king or queen, you face the elements with majesty. Rain, wind, storms? They don't stand a chance. With Royauté, you're invincible and stylish in all circumstances. It's your royal shield against the vagaries of the weather. Long live the king (or queen)!

Belancolie for Women: Elegance and Protection

The Belancolie down jacket is a must-have for those who want to stay stylish and protected at the same time. It keeps you warm and dry with incomparable elegance. You can face the elements with a chic look and maximum protection. No need to choose between style and comfort, with Belancolie you have both!



Ready to beat the weather?



Whether it's our parkas, coats, down jackets or windproof jackets, all our products are designed to withstand the rain. You can face the worst showers and the strongest winds with complete peace of mind. Our garments are your superheroes against the elements, offering maximum protection without ever sacrificing style.

We're not just a brand, we're a community of nature lovers and animal lovers. Together, we're showing that you can enjoy nature while respecting it.

At Geographical Norway, we're proud of our commitment to animals and the planet, but we're also proud to brave the storms 😎

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