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Adopt the Animal Friendly Style! 🦊

Adopt the Animal Friendly Style! 🦊

Bye-Bye Animal Materials!


No leather, no feathers, no animal fur. We've opted for cool, ethical alternatives. Because we don't want to sacrifice animal welfare for our clothes.


Ecological and Stylish Innovations


Animals are our companions in life and the guardians of our ecosystems. Unfortunately, many of them suffer because of the industries that exploit their skins, furs and feathers. Millions of animals are bred in cruel conditions or captured in the wild for their materials. This exploitation causes immense suffering and endangers many species.


Respect for All Inhabitants of the Earth


Today there are some fantastic alternatives to animal-based materials. Faux fur, for example, can be just as warm and stylish without causing suffering. Synthetic and recycled materials perform as well as or better than animal products. By choosing these options, we are taking a step towards a more animal-friendly future.


A Community of Responsible Enthusiasts


We're not just a brand, we're a community of nature lovers and animal lovers. Together, we're showing that you can enjoy nature while respecting it.

At Geographical Norway, we're proud of our commitment to animals and the planet. Join us on this respectful and fun adventure to make the world a better place for everyone.

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