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🌞 Start the Adventure ! Your Spring Guide to European Hiking with Geographical Norway! 🌞

🌞 Start the Adventure ! Your Spring Guide to European Hiking with Geographical Norway! 🌞

 🏔️  Mont Blanc: GYMANA jumpers and a hearty welcome!   🧗‍♀️

Imagine yourself with a GYMANA jumper on your back, surrounded by the giants of the Alps. Mont Blanc is adventure with a capital A. Between the Savoyard fondue breaks and the selfies in front of the glaciers, every moment is a treat, especially when you're snug in your GYMANA. Don't forget to say hello to the marmots!


Cinque Terre : Colours, Flavours and the JOTZ T-shirt 🌄

The Cinque Terre, with its colourful houses and terraced vineyards, is the Italian postcard par excellence. Put on your JOTZ T-shirt and set off to explore these hilltop villages. Taste the local pesto, plunge into the azure Mediterranean and end the day with a gelato while admiring the sunset. La dolce vita, in shor


Rota Vicentina: Ocean, Sand and GYMCLASS style 🌊

On the coastal path of the Rota Vicentina, the Atlantic breeze refreshes you while the sun caresses your skin. Our GYMCLASS sweatshirt is your ally against the sea breezes. Indulge in the region's fresh seafood and don't miss the chance to surf some of Europe's best waves. Here, every step is a discovery.


Vercors Appalachian Trail : Adventure and Polar TRIPOLI  🥧

The Vercors, with its towering cliffs and vast plateaux, is a hiker's paradise. With the UBOLT fleece, face the foggy mornings and sunny afternoons. Don't miss the famous walnut pie in a local inn after a long day's walking. And keep your eyes peeled for chamois!


La Voie de la Côte: Sun, PEANUT Bermudas and Tapas 👓🩳

To walk the Coastal Route in Spain is to embrace the spirit of the modern pilgrim. PEANUT Bermuda shorts are perfect for warm spring days. In between stops, treat yourself to tapas and sangria. Take a break in the secluded coves for a refreshing dip. It's a spiritual adventure with a dash of fiesta.


So, are you ready for the adventure?

Every European trek is a story to be told, full of flavour, scenery and adventure. With Geographical Norway, you have not only the style, but also the comfort to make the most of these experiences. Pack your bags, choose your destination and let Geographical Norway accompany you as you discover the European spring. Let the adventure begin!

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